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PA Innovation Summit




MONDAY, MAY 20, 2019 | 10 AM TO 5:30 PM 
( Registration begins at 9:30 am )

Member Price: $195 | Non-Member Price: $195

The 2019 Pennsylvania Innovation Summit—with abundant and sustainable energy, an educated workforce, and an ideal location for safe movement of people and goods on the roads, air and waterways, Pennsylvania is a state with exciting new innovations across a variety of industries.

In today’s world, innovation, flexibility and creativity are in high demand.   Having employees feel energized to think of innovative ways to solve problems, help customers, save money, invent the next new product or process, is a huge advantage for companies, and can make the difference between whether a company succeeds or not.  All revolutionary innovations begin with that first great idea that solves a business problem, fills a customer need, or even leads to a complete repositioning of a company’s mission.

Employees must feel empowered to innovate “on the fly” and have the confidence that the company supports them.  But freeing up employees to give them the time to think of new ways to improve processes, products, and grow the company can be difficult.  While technology has moved the pace of business to an electrifying speed, employees are juggling so many projects that innovation can take a back seat in many workplaces.  True innovation can lead to new opportunities, new markets, business growth and profitability—so why do some companies struggle to innovate, invent and create? 

You’ll learn firsthand from great companies who are doing great things:

  • Jump start the innovative and creative process for your own company, and your employees.

  • How these top-notch companies are innovating successfully, what and how they plan for future growth with the innovations they have invented, how they allocate the employees and resources to keep up with their creative process, and best practices they follow to ensure that the innovative spirit is never lost.

  • Breakout Sessions help create learning tracks offering specifics that may be of interest to those from a variety of industries, and ensure that you will not have to choose between key topics offered at the same time.  Depending on the industry, environmental directors, HR directors and CEOs will be able to attend the areas that they would find most helpful.

The Pennsylvania Chamber Educational Foundation presents this new event not only to showcase Pennsylvania’s profile as a leader in innovation, but to educate on the latest innovation techniques and practices that presidents, CEOs, top officers, business leaders, environmental and human resources directors in Pennsylvania and surrounding states can take back and begin to use for their companies and communities.

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