Member Spotlight: Georgiana Riley

Seize the opportunity! That's the advice Georgiana Riley shared with us as we talked with her about advice for new members and what makes her so excited about Next Act Fund.

Georgiana Riley

Georgiana Riley

Georgiana has taken her own advice. Despite retiring as the owner, President and CEO of TIGG Corporation, she has hardly slowed down. She has a history of being involved in her community and beyond, including serving as a Township Supervisor, the Vice-Chair of the Regional Planning Commission, on the Board of Directors of the Pittsburgh Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and as a board member of several non-profit organizations.

Today Georgiana serves as a board member of Adagio Health which provides health care services to uninsured and underinsured women and their families in Western Pennsylvania. In addition, she is a member of the Women Presidents Organization and Next Act Fund - all organizations supporting women in different ways.

What excited this accomplished woman about being Next Act Fund member? Below are some excerpts of our conversation:


Next Act Fund: Why did you join Next Act Fund?

Georgiana: I am a member of another fund, and I found it very interesting. It was my first time as an angle investor, and I thought I’d like to do more of it. Also, I was interested as a former woman business owner, I had a difficult time.

My biggest trouble was access to capital. I think, not sure, it’s gotten a little better. I thought, wow, what a great way to help out these wonderful companies. It’s fun monitoring their progress as these companies develop and grow.

Next Act Fund: What has surprised you most so far about Next Act Fund?

Georgiana: I had no idea that there were so many creative and energetic people out there. I never had the opportunity to come across them.

Next Act Fund: What do you want others to know about us? 

Georgiana: The greatest thing of all that there are these scope and breadth; the creativity and energy of these people. If you have the means, doing something like is terrific for so many reasons.

And [we'll] see if we can get a little money out of it.

Next Act Fund: What are you most excited about?

Georgiana: To me, watching the fund grow. Welcoming new members. Every time we get someone new, it’s even more exciting. I really like the idea of women supporting women.

Next Act Fund: Do you have any advice for a potential member?

Georgiana: Seize the opportunity. To me, it’s less risky than other types of investment. We’re not investing in just one company. It’s diversification, ready-made. It’s interesting.  I just joined the investment committee. It’s a great opportunity to learn.


Here's a final fun fact about this fantastic member. She and her husband raise registered Angus Breeding Cattle in Avella, PA!