Catherine Mott – Pittsburgh Powerhouse

Catherine Mott

Catherine Mott

Dynamo Catherine Mott, early champion of Next Act Fund and member of our advisory board, is getting well-deserved recognition in Pittsburgh and beyond. In just the past few months of 2017, Catherine has been honored three times by the business and investing community.

It began in March when the Pittsburgh Business Times named her BusinessWomen First winner. Catherine started BlueTree Allied Angels after years in the banking industry. Her influence extends far beyond our region, however. She soon took on a leadership role at the Angel Capital Association (ACA) where she is now Chair Emeritus.  Currently she is a member of the SEC Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies presenting the viewpoint of angel investors from across the country.

In late April Catherine travelled to San Francisco to receive the ACA’s annual Hans Severiens Award which recognizes an individual for advancing the field of angel investing. Marianne Hudson, the ACA Executive Director explains, "Not only was she a stellar leader for ACA, but she helped more women become angels.  She was one of the few who had the courage to 'invite herself' to angel investing more than ten years ago, and ensure many more broke through the doors, in a thoughtful and professional way."

Just this past week, the Pittsburgh Venture Capital Association awarded Catherine its Impact Award.   "When I think of Catherine Mott, I think of her in the line of entrepreneurs who originated and developed … centers of excellence in Pittsburgh. Catherine developed and grew BlueTree Allied Angels with reach not only in Pittsburgh, but in Washington DC in front of the SEC, across the nation … and now she is teaching the angel trade to many international groups. All of her efforts were to make Pittsburgh shine brighter. And she has succeeded!" said Larry Miller, Executive-In-Residence, Innovation Works.

We see an exciting, recurring theme. Catherine is amazingly successful as a businesswoman and angel, but she’s also a champion for getting women into angel investing and for raising Pittsburgh’s profile. Sound familiar? Next Act Fund couldn’t be prouder, or more fortunate, to have her on our board.

For anyone in Pittsburgh on June 7, we welcome you to our member meeting which will feather Catherine presenting Angel Investing 101. For more information, please RSVP here.