Member Spotlight: Georgia Berner Champions Women and Small Business

When Georgia Berner signed up as Next Act Fund member’s first member, this trail-blazer had found another opportunity that met her quite-high standards.

Georgia Berner: Next Act Fund Inaugural Member and CEO and President of Berner International  

Georgia Berner: Next Act Fund Inaugural Member and CEO and President of Berner International  

Georgia has long shown an active involvement in women’s issues across business, public policy and social programs.  She has become a role model as CEO and President of Berner International, as well as through her board membership for Women’s Campaign Fund, She Should Run Foundation, and Lawrence County Crisis Shelter.  She has also supported and served on many other boards focused on women, the arts, economic development, health care and small business leadership.  

Recently, Georgia jumped at another opportunity to support young businesses. She joined the board of Bridgeway Capital, which as the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette explains is a “Downtown-based non-profit fund that typically lends money to small businesses and for company development initiatives.”

Clearly, Georgia is passionate about helping women and small companies thrive. As an inaugural member of Next Act Fund, we wanted to learn a little more about why Georgia feels so strongly about coming on board so quickly. Below are a few excerpts from a conversation we had.


Next Act Fund: Why did you want to join Next Act Fund?

Georgia: To support women. Women have problems getting funding. It doesn’t make any sense. Investors are not looking at the performance. They are looking at gender.

Yvonne Campos, Catherine Mott and their board have the highest integrity and they will exercise excellence in offering up companies that will perform as expected.

Next Act Fund: What most excites you about joining Next Act Fund?

Georgia: It’s a learning experience for me, and I love to learn. It’s the first time I’ve been in an angel fund.

Next Act Fund: What are you hoping to learn?

Georgia: About money and finance. My experience is not the same as others’ experience. It’s through studying others that I learn.


We at Next Act Fund couldn't be more pleased to have Georgia Berner as an inaugural member and vocal supporter.