Next Act Fund's Big Sister: BlueTree Allied Angels

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One of the many advantages of being a part of Next Act Fund is that you leverage the wisdom, financial savvy and diversification of investing with others. With this in mind, Next Act Fund has partnered with BlueTree Allied Angels and will invest in their annual Enova Funds.

Enova Fund 1 has closed and includes investments in 6 companies. These rising companies include Anglr, Austin CocktailsBaebiesBergen Medical ProductsC360 Technologies and Peptilogics. They span industries covering immersive video, medical devices, beverages and sports technology.

Membership has its advantages. Next Act Fund members may do side-car investments in Enova Fund companies.  Our members, may attend the BlueTree Screening meetings. Up to 10 Next Act Fund members per month may also sit in on their investment meetings (although voting is limited to full BlueTree members). These represent tremendous educational opportunities, a chance to network with entrepreneurs and other investors as well as learning about the start-up world in and about Pittsburgh.