Why Next Act Fund?

Please Note: The fund officially closed on June 30, 2018. Therefore, we are no longer accepting additional investors.

Women control nearly half of all personal investable assets in the US today -- estimated at over $14 trillion -- and their share is expected to grow. Among this educated, experienced and confident generation of women, about half say they are taking greater control of their assets and are open to taking more risks with their money. An eye popping 90% say they want to invest a portion of their wealth in women-led companies or in companies whose actions express their values.

If you are evaluating new ways to put your smarts and resources to work: Think Next Act Fund. We are an angel investment group focused on women-owned and -led companies. Angel investing is personal and a way to pay-it-forward, using your resources and expertise to unharness the potential of today’s female entrepreneurs.

Excellent Deal Flow:

The key to successful angel investing is access to high-quality deals. Next Act Fund is uniquely positioned to offer some of the best deal flow in the country:

  • As the region’s first and only angel network committed to investing in women-owned/led companies, we will attract and establish strong relationships with many of the region’s most promising female entrepreneurs.
  • We maintain strong co-investment relationships with colleagues in other angel groups.
  • Next Act Fund LLC is able to consolidate local investors' deal flow and speak with a single voice, thus are able to negotiate more attractive terms and valuations with applicant companies.


Next Act Fund’s experienced Advisory Board and network of investors bring years of expertise in operating and investing in early-stage companies:

  • Our network of investors includes many of the regions’ best and brightest entrepreneurs, executives, attorneys and professionals – with a female majority!
  • The diversity of our membership will reduce risk by ensuring that deals are examined from multiple perspectives during our stringent screening and due diligence processes.
  • Our monthly meetings will provide a forum for you to learn from other investors and to enhance your professional network.
  • Members bring a variety of experience and knowledge to the deal table and strengthen the evaluation process and the negotiation of terms----- that’s the power of “mind-share.”
  • Angel investors themselves receive more than formal association with fellow investors – they get camaraderie, an opportunity to share experiences, and a forum for supporting and socializing with each other.


Next Act Fund LLC is structured to allow you to concentrate on what’s important—selecting your investments—while our management team and Advisory Board handle administrative details.

  • Deal screening, due diligence and investment details are handled by our Investment Committee—allowing you to be as active or passive as you desire.
  • As an investor, you get to vote on each deal brought before the membership.
  • All term sheets, negotiations, deal closing and administration is handled by our management team and Investment Committee.

* This is a media and/or basic informational request only, and this is not an offer or sale of securities or an advertisement or solicitation for investors