Investment Criteria

Thank you for your interest in Next Act Fund. Please read the following investment criteria before applying:

Next Act Fund accepts applications from women-led companies. These companies must have at least one woman in an operating role at the C-suite level. Frequently, companies have a female founder or CEO. We also consider companies with women in other C-level positions with at least 50% equity ownership. Next Act Fund cares about whether the female executives have power and influence in the company.

Next Act Fund works with companies that have the potential to build sustainable and successful businesses.  We’re looking for companies with a solid proof of concept that we can help to maximize potential with support from our investors.

We look for these basic requirements:

  • Located in Greater Pittsburgh region (we will only consider out-of-region investments as part of a syndicate with a reputable lead investor).

  • An experienced and talented management team with a track record of successful performance and leadership and a passionate commitment to the company’s vision.

  • A scalable business model with solid prospects for rapid growth.

  • A large addressable market with sufficient untapped potential.

Almost all companies in which we invest also meet these criteria:

  • Product is in production or in beta stage of development and has been created with input from clients or potential clients.

  • Company has some "proof of concept" revenue and a clear path to cash flow breakeven.

  • Proprietary assets, intellectual property, or processes that distinguish it from competitors.

  • Limited capital expenditure requirements.

  • Clearly defined exit strategy within 4-6 years that provides minimum of 10X return.

  • Typically seeking first-round of funding of $200,000 to $2 million.

  • Pre-money valuation of less than $5 million.

If your company meets the above criteria, we would like to encourage you to Apply for Funding, and we welcome the opportunity to review your application.

If you have any questions regarding our criteria, please reach out to us at

If you feel you don't currently qualify for Next Act Fund funding but would like to engage with us and learn more, please visit our Contact Us page.

We wish you the best with your business development.

Please note: We will not consider any deal that has engaged in general solicitation or where our investments are subject to a broker/dealer fee.